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Hello Geeks, today we are here to share top URL shortener sites .one could also earn a huge amount of $ money by using URL shorteners if one has a huge traffic with him. traffic source doesn’t matter here.

What Are Link/URL  Shorteners?

URL/Link shorteners are used to convert long URL links into short links that can be easily used. For example, http://www.blogsgeek.com/best-file-sharing-applications-for-android/  can be shortened into http://goo.gl/KzgLpQ

Link shorteners are also used for Link cloaking by the affiliate marketers and bloggers use these shortener services to shorten their blog links as it would be easy to share and could make a good amount of $$.

There are a lot of link shortener sites available on the internet some of them will directly redirect to the original content while some used a middle site with advertisements before redirecting to the original content. from these sites, bloggers use to make money as they earn when someone goes through the link.

Top URL Shortener Sites 2016


It is one a best and easy to use tool to short URL links. Goo.gl is also known as Google URL Shortener which also provides to see the visitor’s stats of the shorten links.one could not earn with goo.gl as it is a free URL shortener which doesn’t show third-party ads while redirecting links.

 How to shorten a link with Google URL Shortener?

  • Firstly Go To https://goo.gl/
  • Then paste the long URL in the dialog box and click on shorten.top url shortener sites
  • Now Copy the shorten link and use it anywhere.


The second best and the most popular link shortener after goo.gl is bit.ly. it’s also the world largest link management system trusted and recommended by the top most companies in the internet industry.

bit.ly is also known for its high-speed link redirecting and easy to use interface.it’s also advertising free and you can’t make money while using bit.ly to redirect links.

bit.ly is highly recommended for ads free link cloaking.

How to shorten a link with bit.ly?

  • Go to Bit.ly
  • Paste the long URL link there in the dialog box and wait.top url shortener sites
  • Copy the link and use it wherever required.



It’s the most used link shortener which is also known for its high payout for shorting links.they also offers WordPress plugin for their service and pays 5-10$ per 1000 views depending on the quality of the traffic.they also offers referral earning.

Minimum Payout – Paypal (5$) Payoneer(20$)

Referral Earning – 20 % of the Referral Income

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How to shorten a link with shorte .st?

  • Go to shorte.st
  • Paste the link in the dialog box and click on shorten.top url shortener sites
  • Copy the link and use it wherever required.


Another link shortener website which pays up to 2$ per 1000 views on shorting links and also pays a referral commission. you could simply refer users and can earn by sitting back at home.

Payment – Paypal & Payza

Minimum Payout – 5 $

Referral Income – 20%

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How to shorten Links With Link shrink?

  • Go to Linkshrink 
  • Register & Activate Your Account.
  • Login & paste the link and click on shrink.top url shortener sites
  • Copy the Link and start sharing & make money



It is highly recommended to all of you,it is the most trusted and popular link shortener service use to earn money by most of the bloggers online.it is also known for its low payout rates and high RPM up to 4$ per 1000 views .you could simply earn with adf.ly by posting targeted adf.ly links in forums and social media around the web.

Minimum Payout – 5$

Referral Income – 20%

Payout – Paypal/Payza/Alertpay

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How to shorten Link with Afd.ly?

  • Go to Adf.ly
  • Register Yourself & Confirm Your Account.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Paste the link in the dialog box and click on shrink.top url shortener sites
  • copy the link and start making $$.


Well, In this post we had described the top URL shortener sites with which one could earn a handsome amount of money just by shortening the links and sharing it on the social media. we had also written about the payout and minimum payment of the 5 top URL shortener sites that I personally use and works great.

There are still many of the URL shortener websites available on the web but we had chosen the best URL shortener sites which we had personally used.

If you think I missed something. kindly write it in the comments section below


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