130+ High Authority Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019

Link building plays a key role when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s an important off-page SEO technique to gain higher rankings in search engine rankings. SEO is very sensitive, building bad links can even penalize your website from getting ranked. High PR Social Bookmarking sites can help you a lot in link building.

In this article, We’ll learn more on:

What Is Social Bookmarking?

How To Do Social Bookmarking?

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

130+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019

Let’s start the article by knowing more about Social Bookmarking Sites.

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is an online service that allows users to add, edit & annotate bookmarks of web pages. In SEO, People use these social bookmarking sites to submit and bookmark their web pages on those websites. This is a great way to build links for your off-page SEO campaign. Getting links from social bookmarking sites can help your site grow in search engine rankings.


How To Do Social Bookmarking?

Many of you must have used Social Bookmarking sites for building great backlinks to your website. For those, who are using social bookmarking sites for the first time. let’s have a quick step-by-step guide on using social bookmarking sites.


Step 1: Choose the Bookmarking Website

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Step 2: Register on the social bookmarking site and fill up your details like name, email etc. Make sure you put your website URL on the homepage to get a dofollow backlink to your website. ( I’m using folkd.com )high pr social bookmarking site

Step 3: Open your registered email and click on the verification link to get your account verified.

high pr social bookmarking sites list

Step 4: Login to your social bookmarking website & Click on the Bookmarking button. Put your website URL & necessary details in the bar and hit on ADD.


Done !! You’ve done it and created a high-quality backlink to your website.

Apart from just getting a good backlink, Social bookmarking sites have more advantages. Let’s know about them.

Advantages Of Social Bookmarking Sites

There’s not just one benefit of social bookmarking sites, Apart from getting some awesome links to your content. They can help you a lot in other many ways.

Brand Exposure

Social bookmarking sites will also help you in getting more exposure to your business or brand through their network. You can also promote products & offers through social bookmarking websites. Most of the brands and bloggers use social bookmarking websites to promote their profitable articles or products.

Website Traffic

If you’re getting placed on some best social bookmarking websites then you’re going to get a lot of traffic from those social listings on their websites. Looking for a good amount of traffic?

Start posting on social bookmarking sites more frequently and you’ll end up getting great traffic & leads to your business website.

Better Links

You’re here just to get the best links out of these social bookmarking websites for your projects. This is the best advantage of social bookmarking sites that they gave an opportunity to get some quality backlinks to our websites and blogs.

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Domain Authority

I’ve shared these high DA social bookmarking sites just because of their high domain authority. You know domain authority is one of those 200+ Google ranking factors that determine your website indexing in search results. These social bookmarking websites will help you increase domain authority of your website. If you do bookmark on High DA sites more frequently.

Faster Indexing

Social bookmarking will also help you in getting indexed faster in Google search results. You must be wondering how?

If you’re bookmarking your article on the social bookmarking site just after publishing it. Users will find it useful and they may share it also, this will increase engagement on your website. Engagement will give a signal to google as it’s also one of the ranking factors.

Managing News & Press Releases

Social bookmarking can also be used as a great tool for managing news & press releases in public. Most of the popular companies use social bookmarking for publishing their company-related news as well as press releases. Bookmarking will reduce their publishing cost and they can publicize to a huge audience.


Top 130+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • www.ferventing.com/
  • www.lucidhut.com/
  • www.hubcage.com/
  • www.kenplanet.com/
  • www.shutkey.com/
  • www.linksbeat.com/
  • www.reddit.com
  • highdabookmarking.com
  • www.freebookmarkingsubmission.com
  • www.bitlanders.com
  • www.digg.com
  • www.bibsonomy.org
  • www.google.com/bookmarks
  • www.4mark.net/
  • www.diigo.com
  • www.bookmarkspocket.com/
  • www.whitelinks.com
  • www.sitejot.com
  • www.plurk.com
  • www.pearltrees.com
  • www.url.org
  • www.ezyspot.com
  • www.bookmark4you.com
  • www.bookmarkee.com
  • www.bookmax.net
  • www.aboogy.com
  • www.storeboard.com
  • www.updatesee.com
  • www.thebaynet.com
  • www.minds.com
  • www.onmogul.com
  • www.stumbleupon.com
  • www.buffer.com
  • www.livejournal.com
  • www.bibsonomy.org
  • www.ttlink.com
  • www.plerb.com
  • www.techsite.io
  • thehive.onsocialengine.com/
  • www.myspace.com
  • www.citeulike.org
  • www.Fark.com
  • www.scoop.it
  • www.webseoexpertservices.com
  • www.folkd.com
  • www.blinklist.com
  • www.actweb-sport.com
  • www.dzone.com
  • www.twicsy.com
  • www.kirtsy.com
  • www.Dotnetkicks.com
  • www.iesa.co
  • www.inbound.org
  • www.lockerdome.com
  • www.disqus.com
  • www.aixindashi.org
  • www.registertovotetoday.com
  • www.usefulenglish.net
  • www.airpim.biz
  • www.hot-bookmarks.com
  • www.blogengage.com
  • www.metafilter.com
  • www.mendeley.com
  • www.linkarena.com
  • www.boingboing.net
  • www.librarything.com
  • www.techdirt.com
  • www.newsmeback.com
  • www.tracky.com
  • www.activebookmarks.com
  • www.techspy.com
  • www.lymelightwebs.net
  • www.wirefan.com
  • www.hubpages.com
  • www.medium.com
  • www.viesearch.com
  • www.blogmarks.net
  • www.instapaper.com
  • www.wire19.com
  • www.foursquare.com
  • www.utoms.org
  • www.sociopost.com
  • www.colivia.de
  • www.dailyhostnews.com
  • www.sfcsf.org
  • www.myhq.com/
  • www.ridents.com/
  • www.vapidpro.com/
  • www.visacountry.com/
  • www.mykith.com/
  • maacompassion.com/
  • todayfestivals.com
  • sbookmarking.com
  • linkbooklet.com
  • freebookmarkingsubmission.com
  • bookmarkingsubmission2018.com
  • exceldrag.com
  • freejobvacancies.com
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Ending Up

These are all the best high pr social bookmarking sites that you can use to build backlinks to your blog & website. We’ve talked about social bookmarking and it’s advantages in this post. One should frequently use these high da social bookmarking sites to get more exposure, website traffic & quality links to their websites.

You can also build better links by using these High PR Directory Submission Sites.

If you’re having any other social bookmarking sites that should be in the list. Feel free to comment below.

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