• Create a Signature Form

    How To Create A Signature Form In 3 Simple Steps?

    Do you want to create Signature Forms for your WordPress websites? I mean, Yes, You can create signature forms in WordPress and can collect digital signatures. With this amazing addon by WPForms, You can easily collect digital signatures from your website in a few steps. I’ve already published a detailed guide on creating conversational forms with WPForms. This great addon will be really helpful for those users who create service agreements online and want the document to be signed. It will save a lot of time and paper too, As your user will not have to print, sign and scan the document. Things will get simplified. What is a Signature…

  • WP-Rocket Review
    Wordpress,  Reviews

    WP-Rocket Review: Best Plugin To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

    Are you looking for something that can speed up your WordPress website? If yes, I’ll be sharing an amazing tool with you that can optimize your overall website performance. Everybody knows the importance of site speed in SEO and conversions. Some few seconds are enough to disturb your conversion rates. That’s why people always look for solutions to speed up their WordPress websites. In this article, I’m going to share with you my WP-Rocket Review. The only WordPress cache plugin that worked perfectly for me as well as for thousands of webmasters out there. You can expect a detailed review of WP-Rocket in this article, how to set up WP-Rocket…

  • Connect Stripe To WPForms

    How to Connect Stripe with Your Payment Form in 3 Easy Steps?

    WPForms is my first choice when it comes to creating amazing WordPress forms, Also I think they are the best alternative to Google Forms. There are a lot of reasons I consider WPForms as the best WordPress Form Builder Plugin. Some of them are their easy to use interface, a ton of features like conversational form, survey forms and the flexibility to add payment options as well. They are a complete package, you don’t have to install multiple plugins for different features. Recently, They also added payment addons like Stripe & Paypal. With these new features, you can easily connect Stripe with your payment forms. They have over a million…

  • WPForms Review

    How To Turn Website Visitors Into Subscribers Using WPForms?

    Looking for an effective way to convert your blog visitors into a regular reader? I’ve got something for you that can help you out. WPForms is an awesome WordPress plugin that can help you by creating amazing email subscription forms on your website. WPForms is a complete plugin which has a lot of other features that can optimize your WordPress website. In this article, You’ll be learning more about WPForms and it’s different features. You will also learn how to set up WPForms on your WordPress website to create some amazing forms. What is WPForms? WPForms is the most beginner friendly WordPress plugin that can help you in building up…

  • WPForms vs Gravity Forms

    WPForms Vs Gravity Forms: Which is the best option?

    Are you looking for a WordPress Form Builder? Many of you have been using Gravity Forms for creating forms on your WordPress website. Also, You must have heard about WPForms ( also known as the best WordPress Form Builder Plugin). When it comes to finding the best WordPress Contact Form Builder plugins, there are a few that we can rely on. WPForms and Gravity Forms are both popular and powerful tools when it comes to craft forms online. I thought of comparing the most popular contact form builders plugin for WordPress. In fact, I’ve done a comparison between WPForms Vs TypeForm as well. In today’s comparison post, I’m going to…

  • create payment forms

    How To Accept Credit Card Payments With WPForms?

    Do you know how to create payment forms in WordPress? Yes, you heard it right. Now you can even collect payments through your WordPress websites by creating Payment Forms. I’ve got a lot of people asking how they can collect payments on their website. I think they were looking for the simplest way to start accepting payments on their website.  Not everyone can integrate payment gateways and can mess with the so-called technical part. In today’s guide, I’ll be sharing with you how you can accept payments from your user with Payment Forms. I’ve talked about WPForms and recommend it to everyone who’s looking to create some amazing forms online.…

  • how to set up wordpress smtp

    How To Set Up WordPress SMTP Using Amazon SES?

    Are your WordPress emails going to spam? Or they are not getting delivered. Emails play a very vital role when it comes to your online business. You need to make sure that your email gets delivered. The best way to fix this is to set up SMTP on your WordPress website. SMTP is a simple mail transfer protocol that will help you resolve email deliverability. We’ll tell you how to set up SMTP using WP Mail SMTP Plugin on your WordPress website using Amazon SES. Before going into the procedure let’s take a few minutes to thoroughly understand what Amazon SES stands for? And why is it important for setting…

  • WordPress Email Logs
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    How To Set Up WordPress Email Logs In 3 Easy Steps?

    Do you want to keep a record of emails you send through your WordPress website? I mean tracking all the emails you sent through your website i.e keeping email logs. I’ve seen a lot of people finding it difficult to keep a record of each email. I’ll be sharing with you how you can set up Email Logs in WordPress in the simplest way. With Email Logs, you can know what was the date and time the email was sent? Was it delivered, and if not, what’s the status? Did the right email make it to the right person? Everything about your emails. I’ve already published about WP Mail SMTP…