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    Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website In 2021

    Looking for WordPress polls that can keep you updated with your consumers’ reviews plus help you forecast the results? Luckily for you, WPForms has a Surveys and Polls addon just for this and we are here to tell you all about it. WPForms is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to integrate extra features such as an email newsletter subscription checkbox in your contact form. The easy drag & drop WordPress form builder allows you to create contact forms, online surveys, donation forms, order forms, and other WordPress forms in just a few minutes without writing any code. In this article, we will explain all the details of WPForms Survey…

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    How to Boost Conversions Like Crazy with Coupon Popups

    Looking for ways to boost conversions and maximize sales on your online business and get rid of problems like cart abandonment? Then you have landed at the right place. In this era where online stores are growing at a rapid rate, having only visitors on your site will not help you beat the competition. You need to convert your visitors into buyers. There are various ways you can achieve your goal. A smart and simple way to achieve this is through a coupon popup. In this article, we will tell you how you can boost conversions with popup coupons. What is a Coupon Popup? A coupon popup can be used…

  • create payment forms Authorize.net

    How To Create Payment Forms For Authorize.net

    Creating payment forms and integrating them with different payment gateways is very easy these days. You don’t need to be a techy guy to do that, all thanks to plugins like WPForms, which makes it super easy to create and integrate Payment Forms with Payment gateways. In today’s guide, I will be sharing how to create payment forms for Authorize.net with WPForms, I have already shared a guide on integrating payment forms with Paypal. This one is going to be all about Authorize.Net and how you can start using it with WPForms to collect one-time and recurring payments securely. I will be using WPForms for creating the payment form and…

  • contact forms for mailchimp

    7 Best Contact Forms To Use With Mailchimp

    Are you looking for the best contact forms to use with Mailchimp? then I’ve got some really cool plugins with you to share. I personally love using Mailchimp for my email marketing campaigns for my blog but you also need a form builder to integrate it with Mailchimp and with so many options available it becomes quite confusing to choose the best form builder. Bloggers like me love simple and fast solutions to our problems and that’s why I’ll be helping you in choosing the right contact form to use with Mailchimp. Before going ahead, let’s talk about Mailchimp (in case some of you don’t know about it) What Is…

  • create exit intent popups

    How to Get Started with Exit-Intent Popups on OptinMonster

    Do you know about Mobile Exit-Intent? If not, then you are missing something really important if you and your business are in the digital space. There’s no secret that the majority of internet users are mobile users. I think that’s why Google is also giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. Well, we are not going to talk about SEO and mobile-friendliness of websites. I’m going to talk about something which is used by multiple digital marketers and digital business owners to grow, increase and improve their conversions, sales, and leads as well. i.e Exit-Intent technology. Didn’t heard about it? Let’s know then. What is Exit-Intent Technology? Exit-Intent can be defined as…

  • optinmonster smart tags
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    How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

    Are you a business owner who wants a boost in the growth of their website business? Or are you someone who is using OptinMonster and confused about how to set up smart tags in it? If yes? Then this article will be a complete guide for you to use and set up smart tags in OptinMonster. We will tell you everything about the basics and then the actual process behind ‘how to use Smart tags’.  So, let’s start from the basics What is OptinMonster? OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software and it is also a very essential WordPress plugin. It allows us to convert abandoning website visitors…

  • zapier addon for wpforms
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    How To Automate Your Work With Zapier And WPForms

    We are living in an automatic world where you can automate a lot of work. On websites also, there are tons of tasks that require manual attention, time, and energy. But today in this automatic world we can complete those tasks in a fraction of seconds with the help of automatization. Especially for WordPress website owners, we have found a lethal combo that can automate many tasks with ease.  In this blog post, We will be sharing with you about how to automate your work with Zapier and WPForms. But before we learn the actual process, it is important to learn a few things about the two important tools we will…

  • creating an order form

    How To Create an Order Form in WordPress [3 Simple Steps]

    If you’re running a business website on WordPress then you must have to create an order form to get orders from your customers. Well, Creating an order form in WordPress is pretty easy. If you’re someone who’s looking to create a WordPress order form, then we’ll be guiding you today on how to create an Order form in 3 simple steps. With this guide, you’ll be done creating the form in the next 5 minutes using the WPForms Form builder.   What is a WordPress order form? It’s nothing different from a normal form but serves the only purpose of creating orders and collecting payments from your customers on your…