This Video Is Not Available In Your Country [ Problem Fixed ]


Surfing youtube ? Got an error ” This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region” . Don’t worry we have solutions for this.

Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming site owned and operated by Google Inc., Youtube was launched in 2006 and after getting popular it was overtaken by the most popular search engine “Google”.

Youtube has a feature that allows channel owners to limit the audience of a video on the basis of Geographic Location.

That’s why you are getting this error “This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region” while streaming any video in youtube.

But wait, You still can watch those videos.

Wondering How ??

we have found a way out to bypass This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region error.Check out the below steps.

This Video Is Not Available In Your Country [ solution ]


I Mean some Videos Are Only Available For A Particular Country Or A state. I Think If You Are A Hardcore Youtube surfer Than You Had Also Faced That Issue It Displays ” This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region” . Truely It Irritates Me A Lot When I Want To Watch A Video Badly And It Turns saying This Video Is Not Available In Your Country .
This Is Not In My Case Only Everybody Feels Irritated By These Error Notification.We Could’t Do Anything In That Case Because This Restriction Is Made By The Video Publisher so As To Target An Audience Of A Particular Geographical Location And When A Visitor From Any Other Country Or Location Go Throughs That Video Than It Will show An Error ” This Video Is Not Available In Your Country“.
What I Think At That Time Was To Find A solution That Could Resolve This Problem.
so I Tried Making Tweaks On It , Finding On The Web And Almost After A 2-3 Hours Of Complete Analysis I Found Three Best Tweaks To solve The Problem.Just Read the complete article on “This Video Is Not Available in your country”-solution

Method 1 : Watch restricted video in YouTube

This Method Works Well If A Video Is Blocked In your Country Or Region

  1. Go To The Video That Is Restricted In Your Country .
  2. Suppose If the blocked YouTube Video URL is
  3. Then just replace  /watch?v=  with  /v/
  4. After modifies the YouTube URL, It should look something like this
  5. After Changing The URL Tap On ENTER And Wait For The Page To Reload.
  6. Now You Could Watch That Video Without Any Error.

You Have sucessfully Fixed The Problem This Video Is Not Available In Your Country, Wait Let’s Have A Look On some OF The Others Tweaks To Fix This Bug.

Method 2 : Unblock Blocked Youtube Videos By Proxy

Youtube Determines The Location Of The User By His IP Address Or You Could say Proxy Which Defines The Location Of A User On The Internet so The Another Tweak Is To Change Your IP Address By Using VPN’s As Well As Proxies . There Are Hundreds Of Proxy service Providers .Many Of Them Are Paid And Many Are Free You Could Try The Free VPN And Proxies By Finding It On The Google.                   orYou Could Use Hidemyass Proxy service With Their Google Chrome Extensions Just Click Here To Unblock A Youtube Video .There Are Few Providers That Automatically Unblock The Youtube Video By Inputting The Video URL In Their Drop Box. Few Of Them Are Unblock Youtube And Proxfree .**Try Unblock Youtube Now**                                  **Try Proxfree Now**

Method 3 : Download the blocked YouTube video

This Is The Final Method Which Works Always Without Any Problem And That Is To Download The Blocked Video To Your Mobile/Laptop And Can Watch Them Offline Whenever You Want To Watch Plus You Could Get double Benefits At A single Work That Is You Know Watching Videos Online Ate Up Our Data Volume so You Could Download The Blocked Video And Can Watch Them Anytime You Want To Watch It Again.Best Way To Download A Blocked/Open Youtube Video

  1. Go To The Blocked Video You Want To Watch On Youtube .
  2. Let The Blocked Video URL Be
  3. Just Add ss before
  4. It looks something like this
  5. Tap On Enter To Open The New URL.
  6. From The New WebPage Choose The Video Quality You Want To Download And TAP On Download

There Are Many Alternative Ways To Download Youtube Video Online ,There Are Many Youtube Video Converters Downloaders Like  Clipconverters, KeepVid and videograbby to Download YouTube videos.Ending UpThis Was All About A solution To A Irritating Problem Which Everbody Faces While Watching Youtube Video That Is This Video Is Not Available In Your Country . After A Hour Of Experiments And Observation I Had Found The Top 3 Tweaks To The Problem This Video Is Not Available In Your Country And Hence The Problem Is Fully Fixed.We Recommend You To subscribe Us To Get Daily Updates In Your MailBox.

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