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    How to Create Easy Notification Bars for Your WooCommerce Website?

    Do you have a Woocommerce Store? If yes, We have something cool to share with you today. If you are familiar with the Woocommerce then you know what notifications bars are? and how it helps to boost up the conversions on your e-commerce store. If you are just a beginner who’s learning to set up your Woocommerce store, then hold back. We will be talking about Notifications Bars and how you can create some nice notifications bars in the easiest way. Let’s know what notifications bars are. What Is a Woocommerce Notification Bar? The notification bar is the header widget or bar which is placed above the header in most…

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    ClickFunnels Black Friday 2020 Deal- LIVE SOON!

    ClickFunnels Black Friday 2020 deal will be live soon. So what are you waiting for? Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving and is regarded as the starter of an exciting shopping season. It is that time of the year when all major online & offline companies offer their biggest discounts. ClickFunnels create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then into customers. Even if you are not a programmer or don’t know to code, you can easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel with ClickFunnels. The sales funnel builder helps to grow your company online. ClickFunnels guides your visitors step-by-step through the entire…

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    How to Build Spam-Free Contact Forms In WordPress?

    Nobody loves spammy form submissions. Do you? It is a hectic work to filter out spam submissions and I hate doing it. It’s better to prevent your contact forms from being spammed by bots. I’ll be helping you in building spam-free contact forms in this article. Contact forms are very important and play a vital role in lead generation as well. Let’s improve the quality of lead by making your contact form spam-free. Whenever I talk about WordPress forms, I always recommend WPForms as they are a total package in themselves. They are also the best WordPress form builder plugin with over 3 million active installations. There are ways you…

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    Form Abandonment: How To Save Lost Leads In 4 Simple Steps?

    Getting a lot of traffic on your website? but still not getting any leads? I mean people are visiting your business website but not checking out or filling up the forms you have on your website. This is what we call Form Abandonment. Form abandonment is a really big issue and studies say that the average form abandonment rate is somewhat around 60%. Most of the marketers and webmasters don’t even know about it. They have no idea how much business they are loosing just because of form abandonment. Everyone wants more leads. Don’t you? In this article, I’ll be talking about reducing form abandonment rate on your website. I’ve…

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    Key Benefits Of Using SEO Copywriting For Your Blog

    SEO copywriting for your blog is more than just words combined together to show your target audience what your company is about. Quality copywriting must reflect the core values that your company holds close while making a lasting impact on your target audience, enough to drive them to take action.   Importance Of SEO Copywriting Your business provides unique services and products to meet your customers’ needs since they access the internet to look for the best possible solutions to their concerns. Thus, you should do everything you could to make sure that your business can be found online. Unlike SEO marketing that focuses on stuffing more keywords and building…

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    MyThemeShop Black Friday 2020 Deal- Upto 98% Discount

    Howdy Bloggers, Are you looking for MyThemeShop Black Friday 2020 Deal Coupons? Then You’re in the right place. Bloggers and Webmasters well know that Free Themes don’t work well and lack a lot of features and are not SEO Optimized. You have to do a lot of manual works just because your free theme and plugin are not giving you premium features. Well, It’s better to move on and get a Professional Good Looking and SEO Optimized Theme. Wondering Where to get one? Having a Low Budget? Want SEO Optimized Themes and Plugins? Then it’s just for you like MyThemeShop Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals are coming this Friday and…

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    How to Use Email Marketing to Skyrocket Your Sales?

    Email marketing is yet not dead. It’s 2020 and I still consider email marketing as one of the best ways to promote your products. It is being used by hundreds of marketers worldwide to market their products and grow their sales. If you are someone who is new to email marketing. You need to learn some more basics of email marketing. Well, I’ll be helping you to leverage email marketing to grow your sales. In this guide, I’ll be talking about how to use WPForms with your email marketing campaign. I always recommend WPForms as the best WordPress form builder plugin. But, You can use it in your email marketing…

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    How to Collect Paypal Payments on Your WordPress Site?

    Paypal is one of the best ways to do online transactions internationally. It is the most used and one of the most secure online payment services. Few others are also in the market but if we talk about reliability no other can compete PayPal The platform provides an easy way to use by click and fill method but there are few plugins that make it easier for the normal user, as well as developers and WPForms, is one of them. The charges of the service are also good neither so high nor low, so a new user or someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on this type of…