• Host a Blog On Your Old Computer

    How to Host a Blog On Your Old Computer?

    Hosting a website sounds like something only a tech expert could do. Believe it or not, it’s not that difficult. As you can choose between simple template websites to hand-programming each line of code on your site, so too do you have a wide range of hosting options.  Be aware, there are some serious performance and security differences between self-hosting…

  • Bypass_Facebook_Verification_process

    How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process In 2020?

    Hey Everyone, Recently I noticed on my Facebook profile that most of my friends are worried regarding their Facebook profile that has been locked by Facebook and needs some verification To get back their account. Today I am here to guide you with a quick tutorial on how to bypass facebook verification process.  Generally, For Verification Purpose, Facebook Asks For…

  • Blogging

    How To Make A Video From Photos And Music?

    Ask any content creator and they will tell you that the first-ever video that they made was either a slideshow or much akin to a slideshow. The main reason for this is two-pronged. Go through some of the earliest videos that were posted on YouTube – not recorded ones – and you will find that a large swathe of the…

  • Form Pages By WPForms

    WPForms: Best Alternative to Google Forms in 2020?

    Ever created an online form landing page? I guess you must have used Google Forms to make such forms online. But, Wait Do you ever thought of creating such forms in your WordPress website. I’m pretty sure you must have a tough time finding a great tool to make quick and easy forms in your WordPress website. Because of most…