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    Introduction To Fiber Internet- The Complete Guide

    Fiber Internet popularity continues to grow with both consumers and businesses. Fiber Internet is often referred to as Fiber-optic Internet or simply fiber. It is a broadband connection that can transmit data at up to 940 Mbps (Megabits per second). Fiber technology can send data as fast as 70% of the speed of light. The amount and speed of data transmitted were unimaginable a few decades ago.    Fiber Technology Fiber technology data is transmitted via cables containing thin strands of glass and plastic fibers. Each strand is about as thick as one strand of hair.  Light beams are transmitted from one end and received at the other end. These…

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    5 Best Video File Formats for 2021

    Most of us do not bother a lot about the video format which we are using. However, there are many video file formats available today, and each of them differs from one another when it comes to features and video quality. A video format is a file format for storing digital video data. These videos are usually larger in file size, and video file format compresses such video file size to make it ideal for playing on your mobile phones or PCs.   It has to be noted that a video is made up of a combination of container and codec. Both of them are considered important components in a…

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    5 Reasons How High-Speed Internet Affects Your Productivity

    In this digital era, everything is interconnected and all credit goes to the Internet. From banking to groceries, everything is now on the Internet and that is how the importance of Internet speed came into existence. Internet speed is very important these days as we are totally dependent on the internet, billion dollars businesses on build just on the internet. So high-speed internet is the need of the hour for everyone. In this blog post, I will be talking about how high-speed internet can improve your overall productivity. I’ll be straight to the point so let’s get into it. But, wait!! You know how to check what is your internet…

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    Top 5 URL Shortener Websites To Make Extra Money

    Hello Geeks, Today we are here to share top URL shortener sites. One could earn hundreds of dollars by using URL shorteners if they have a huge traffic with them. Traffic source doesn’t matter here. For those, Who are new to the term “URL Shorteners”. Lets know What they are? What Are Link/URL  Shorteners? URL/Link shorteners are used to convert long URL links into short links that can be easily used. For example, https://www.blogsgeek.com/best-file-sharing-applications-for-android/  can be shortened into http://goo.gl/KzgLpQ Link shorteners are also used for Link cloaking by the affiliate marketers and bloggers use these shortener services to shorten their blog links as it would be easy to share and could make a good amount of $$. There are a lot of link shortener sites…

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    8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Blockchain

    The term Blockchain arises when we hear about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Blockchain records financial transactions between concerned parties. It is decentralized in nature and that means that no single authority is in charge of it, but the data remains distributed across a peer-to-peer network of computers called nodes. Because of its security, blockchain application development company is in demand.   But, Blockchain is not just about keeping track of cryptocurrency transactions but there are many companies that are utilizing this revolutionary technology for some unique solutions.   In 2017, when the technology was said to be its infancy, the market size for Blockchain was $ 708 million. But, in 2024…

  • Create AFacebook Account Without Any Email Or Mobile
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    Create A Faceboook Account Without Any Email Or Mobile

    Hi Geeks, Today With Due To Lack Of Time I Would Give Up A small Article For You. Creating A Facebook Account Is A Very Easy Task And I Think Everyone Could Do It But For That You Need Either A Mobile Number Or A Email ID. But Today I Would sum up My words With Writing About How To Create A Facebook Account Without Any Mobile Number Or Email Account . Have You Ever Heard About Disposable E-Mail ID. If Not Then I Would Tell You Up The Disposable Email Id Are Those IDs That Can be Used For A short Term Of Time Or You Can say For A single Time . After…

  • How To Remove Attribution Widget From Blogger

    Remove Attribution Widget From Blogger

    I Think Most Of  Us want to Remove The Attribution Widget From Blogger Blog as It Looks a Little Odd so Today I Am Going To Describe about How To Remove Attribution Widget From A Blogger Blog As Default We Can’t Remove The Widget But after A little Change In HTML Codes We Can Easily Remove The Widget From The Blog Firstly Go To The Dashboard Of The blogger Blog Then Move On To The Template section And Click On EDIT HTML After Clicking On That You Will Find A Option Jump To Then select Attribution From There,You Will Find A HTML code Like Below <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'> From There Change The…

  • How To Increase Pendrive Transfer Speed

    How To Increase Pendrive Transfer speed?

    Hi Friends,Do You remember that in my last post i had detailed about How To Write Protect A Removable Drive To save Your Pendrive From Virus And Unwanted files And had told you a way to protect your pendrive or removable Drive Or You Can Say USB Drive But Do you ever think that sometimes while transferring your data to the pendrive the transfer rate is bit slow Like In kbps And It Consumes a lot of time and i think everybody wants to get a high transfer rate so today i am going to tell about  how to increase Pendrive transfer speed or copying speed Must Read : How To Write Protect A Pendrive?…