How Trends By Influencers Can Build Brand Awareness?

How Trends By Influencers Can Build Brand Awareness?

Influencer Marketing is not as simple as it may seem. It involves a lot of thinking and strategizing which only intelligent minds can live up to. Every year, influencers keep getting better, as new trends evolve.

Trends change with time and influencers are sure to move towards trends that would help in achieving their aim—brand awareness and lead conversions. This article is one that exposes its reader to trends that influencer marketers are currently using to achieve their aim.

Here are some current trends in Influencer Marketing

Video Rules Everything Around Me (V.R.E.A.M)

Videos are currently ruling the influencer marketing space. They have shown a high level of effectiveness in improving brand awareness and ultimately driving sales. In 2018, influencer videos experienced quite high. The fact that even platforms like Facebook have introduced Facebook watch confirms the fact that indeed video is getting to a place where it is gradually being called the best content medium for marketing. Makeup tutorials, product reviews, and random adverts now use videos; confirming the fact that videos now indeed rule everything around us. The outcome of influencer videos is enough reason for influencer videos to keep being a trend.

The use of IGTV is also on the rise. Prior to now, influencers would create very short videos on their Instagram story, but at the moment, IGTV presents them with the opportunity to create longer videos which would stimulate the mind of the viewer, as videos on IGTV are definitely more detailed than the normal short videos on their stories or Instagram feed. Even in the year 2019, the use of IGTV does not seem like it is about to diminish at all.

B2B is on the Rise in Influencer Marketing

B2B influencer marketing is indeed on the rise especially with the use of channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube—platforms which are B2B driven. Sites like BuzzSumo which have experienced a rise also assist brand marketers in their search for important B2B influencers. Influencers have recorded massive success in it in recent times, encouraging its use. 

Instagram as a leading social media network

This is the social media platform for the younger generation and which kind of brand awareness would be created without putting this group under serious consideration? In any case, that kind of brand awareness would not drive lots of sales. For this reason, influencers are currently embracing Instagram above other social media networks. Instagram has also done well to incorporate several features of other social media platforms; making it very crucial to the success of influencer marketing. To further point out how important the platform has become, how would you feel if you realize that your brand influencer does not have an Instagram account? Of course, you would probably feel they’re a joke as there is no influencing without the use of Instagram and its visual power.

Influencers are currently operating on a business basis

More influencers are beginning to see themselves as professionals in their own rights. Therefore, they have embraced influencer marketing more like a job than a hobby. Many of them now have business pages on social media platforms like Instagram and are now handling their work in a more professional way, with some going as far as taking helpful courses.

The increasing use of software

Software such as Webimax, Buzzsumo and Unity Suite software are becoming more popular. These software help influencers work more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The next time you see certain trends on social media, we do hope you’ll be able to see through them and understand what the brand-influencer is trying to achieve. The aforementioned trends are sure to improve the awareness that brands are currently enjoying, as they are done with that goal in mind. 


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