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How to Build Backlinks For Your Blog In 2019?

If you own a website and want to work on its search engine optimization, it is important for you to know that some factors in SEO matter more than other factors. What this means is that adding images to your content would not have the same effect on your SEO as getting a backlink. Building links play a pivotal role in improving your search engine rankings.

Google went on to state that it is difficult to receive search engine rankings without having links associated with your website. What is more, building links helps in fostering web relationships. Let us start with the backlinks for blog


What are the links in SEO?

There are a lot of websites operating in a single niche on the internet. When someone searches about plants on Google, there is a variety of websites writing about the same topic. One way search engines can tell if a website is credible enough to rank in search engine results is through the use of Google Page Rank. Google Page Rank is an algorithm introduced by Google.

It was introduced by Larry Page. When Google first started out, the whole of Google’s system was ranked on Google Page Rank. Page Rank takes into account the total number of links associated with your web page. The quality of those links is taken into account equally.

When we say that you receive a link, it literally means that another website mentions the URL to your website or one of your web pages. Today, even though search engines have more factors than just links to take into account, the quality and quantity of links associated with your website weigh out significantly higher when compared with other SEO factors.

What are some of the ways to build links in 2019?

Before we get into the business of learning how to build links, there are a few things to note. The first thing is that you should only try to get links if they are of great quality. Try to get links from websites that operate in the same niche as yours. When someone is adding a link to your website, from a SEO expert’s point of view, it is something that adds to the search engine rankings. But from the view of a reader, a link is there for reference purposes. If you are writing a blog post reviewing a particular vacuum cleaner and you have added a link to an online store that sells that vacuum cleaner, it is only the relevance of the page discussing a vacuum cleaner and another page selling that vacuum cleaner that it is possible to link one page to another.

Here are some of the ways you can build links in 2019.

Improving the quality of your web content

In SEO, if there is one thing everything comes down to, it is the quality of your content. What this means is that if you have quality content, you will get automatic backlinks. When people add links to other websites, they do so for a reason.

Link building can be divided into two categories. The first is the earned links and the second is the deliberate links. If you want to naturally earn links to your website, your content has to be absolutely amazing.

Imagine if you are writing a blog post about the latest iPhone. You mention the specifications on the phone, its various features, what is new and more. Then at the end of the post, you add a link to where the phone can be purchased. As someone who has just reviewed the latest iPhone on their website, do you think you would add a link to a product that you don’t trust? Absolutely not! Websites add links to other websites when they truly trust them.

So if you simply work on the quality of your content, you shall be able to gain links automatically.

Working on guest blogging

Guest blogging is the practice of two websites coming together to create a piece of content. One website gives away the platform and the other website gives the content. Together the two websites create content that is shared on the web. When you are playing the role of guest blogger, you receive two backlinks as a token of appreciation when your content is published. If you are looking to improve your rankings through link building deliberately, you should get started with guest blogging.

You should approach websites that are working in your niche and also give guest bloggers the opportunity to get published on their website. Keep in mind that the quality of backlinks matters as much as the number of backlinks. What this means is that even if you are working on 2 guest posts per month that is better than working on 8 blog posts that don’t deliver quality.

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