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Hackers Can Hack Your Mobile Devices While Charging

Hackers Can Hack Your Mobile Devices While Charging
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Whenever you mobile battery goes into the red zone than it is better to plug it with a powerbank  rather than using a public charging station to recharge the device.This is because whenever a mobile is attached to a public charge stations than data is transferred while the device is charging as told by the Experts.

Hackers Can Hack Device While Charging
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Kaspersky has warned us as follows:

“The security risks here are obvious: if you’re a regular user you can be tracked through your device IDs; your phone could be silently packed with anything from adware to ransomware. And you don’t even have to be highly-skilled in order to perform such attacks, all the information you need can easily be found on the Internet.”

These attacks are less vulnerable if you have an iPhone and this has to do with the company’s robust mobile operating system. When you connect your Apple device to a computer or other device for the first time, an alert asks whether you trust the computer. The same scenario cannot be replicated on an Android smartphone.

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