Facebook Launches New Feature DeepFace

Facebook Launches New Feature DeepFace
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Facebook,The World Largest social Networking site With A Members Of 1.39 billion Who Posts 40 Crore Pictures Daily,Few Hours Ago Facebook Had Launched One Technique Named DeepFace.Most Of The Users Are Worried With Tagging And For Them The News Is Quite disappointing.

According To The New Facebook Feature DeepFace,Facebook Will Automatically Tag You In A Photo If You Will Be There In It.This Means That If You Want To Be Tagged Or Not Facebook Will Automatically Tag You In That Picture.Facebook Had Launched This Feature In Order To Get More Likes And Comments On The Particular Pictures Which Would Help Facebook Economically.

DeepFace Technique

Till Now,Users were Allowed To Tag Those Who Want To Do But With This New Technique The DeepFace Will Automatically Detect The People Who Are Present In The Picture And Will Tag Them.

How It Works

Whenever Any Picture Will Be Uploaded To The Facebook The New software Will scan Up The Picture And Will store The Multi Pixels Of The Faces Or You Could say It Will scan Up The Face Features.

Then Those Faces Are Matched With The Pictures That Are Present On The Facebook server i.e Our Profile Pictures And If The Faces Matched Then It Will Tag The Person With whom The Face Is Matched.


If The Picture Is Taken In A Overcrowded Area example Markets,Rallies,Concerts Then Also The DeepFace Can Detect The Person .

The Tag Will Not If The Picture Is scattered Or Taken In A Dim Light


Conclusion : The New Feature DeepFace Is An Example Of An Amazing Technology With A Advanced Working Which Will Help People To save Their Time As It Will Automatically Tag And The User Don’t Have To Do Anything.But what Is In Danger is the Users Privacy As we Want To Tag Only selected Or Very Close Friends On Facebook But With This Everyone Who Will Be In The Picture Will Be Tagged

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