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3 Creative Ways To Build A Successful Online Brand

Branding is synonymous with any successful business you can think of. It’s the feature that connects you to your customers, not just economically but also emotionally. Establishing a start-up is one thing, but without a strong brand, you can only do much.

Contrary to popular belief, branding goes beyond your graphic elements and name. As a matter of fact, every business has a logo, but that doesn’t guarantee success. The reason why many companies fall is that their brands barely connect with their consumers. You want to create a product that attracts new consumers while retaining the current ones.

So, how are you going to achieve this? Brands that find success encourage customer loyalty by producing a tangible experience they can relate to. At least based on current consumer behavior, the best way to boost progress is by creating good content. Apart from blogs, there are several other platforms to publish whatever you’ve made. Read on to learn more! 

3 Creative Ways To Build An Online Brand

1. Social Media

When people mention online marketing, social media is the first tool that comes to mind. As long as humanity has tried to pitch goods, socialization’s been a key factor to any marketing strategy. The concept has always been to befriend potential customers before moving to the sale. In the modern world, social media has become one of the main channels of communication, which makes it ideal for your branding project.

To get started, set up an account on any popular social media platform. My Trending Stories is a site that’s worth a try. Once you have all the necessary resources gathered, you can start publishing informative content regarding your products and services. 

At times you might find yourself discussing a field or subject that’s unpopular to the masses. If you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll need to educate people on that field or subject before marketing your products. Social media is the perfect place for educational and enlightening projects. Whether or not the subject matter is popular, ensuring its fun could attract potential customers with time.


2. Mainstream Media

How many times have you seen adverts running on your TV? How many of those short videos during commercial breaks have stayed with you suck in your mind? Mainstream media, which includes radio, newspapers, magazines, and, yes, the TV, have always been among the most effective modes of marketing.

You benefit from mainstream media advertisements because your brand is exposed to many people within a short period. Remember, the first priority when building a brand is to get your name and business out among the masses. Let people familiarize themselves with your brand and products before you dive deeper. Mainstream media does the job here because people are always watching, listening, or reading. 

Mainstream targeting has a few drawbacks, though, and it’s important you know about them before you invest. First, with mainstream media, you’re going with the hope that your message gets to your target audience. Not everyone watching TV will be interested in your products. 

Another disadvantage—one that affects start-ups mostly—is the affordability. The rule of marketing is that the more exposure you get, the more you pay. This rule can be seen with TV stations, radio outlets, and newspaper publishers. Be sure to choose an option that’ll give you good returns without burning through your budget.


3. Podcasting

Because the COVID-19 pandemic had many stuck at home, it created a creative outlet for people to start their careers online. One industry that has seen a massive influx and continues to grow at the moment, is content creation. While many are focused on shooting videos, they miss a prime opportunity to tap into another avenue, podcasts.

For one thing, many content consumers prefer audio because they can listen and work on other tasks. Take drivers, for example; the best way to sell your content to their ears is through audio recordings rather than video shots.

That said, podcasting remains one of the least explored avenues when it comes to branding and online marketing. Nevertheless, there’s a promise to grow in the coming years, and you could be among the first beneficiaries of this revolution. 

As you start your podcast, it’d be prudent to join others as guests on their platforms. Tag-teaming could help you market your new podcast and what you’re selling through an established audience. This may take a lot of time, so be ready to not only invest financially but commit to staying the course.



Building an online brand can be daunting, especially now that many competitors exist in almost every field. However, with a good strategy, you’ll be able to meet your objectives. Leverage the popularity of social media and other online platforms that can enhance your growth. Podcasting is still a growing avenue, but over time it could boost your foundation. In all that you do, remember to commit as many resources as possible.

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