Create A Ghost Account On Facebook

Nowdays, If You Have Observed That In Your Facebook Account Some Invisible Account Mean The Name Is Not  shown .Today I will Tell You what is that .Actually it is known as ghost account or blank name account but in real nothing is there its a simple trick behind that so if you are intrested in creating a ghost account or making your currnt account a ghost acount the carefully read the below steps to do that
Step-1: Open your facebook account Using any browser [ google chrome is recommended ]Step-2: Now go to  account setting  »  General » language »  Bhasha indonesia.

Step-3: Now go into your browser setting, set proxy & port »

Step-4: In the blank down write »
Step-5: Now SAVE whole setting.
Step-6: Now go into General Setting To Change The Username and remove first and last name
and copy this kﱞﱞﱞk and paste it in first name box [ remove ‘k’ letters ]
Step-7: Confirm your password & SAVE it. 
Step-8: Change your langauge back into English (US)

Now Enjoy A ghost Account 

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