• eCommerce

    What are the Impacts of Visual Transformation in E-commerce?

    “The eyes are the gateway to the soul.” Or so we’ve heard. But what if the trick to becoming a bigshot in the E-commerce world, is to take this saying a bit more literally? It is a recognized fact that our brains are more adept at processing visual images, way faster than for textual information. When you see images and texts popping up from your social media feeds, which are you attracted to first? The images; definitely the images over small text. Several surveys attest to the fact that visual content is superb, intriguing and engaging for customers, more than other forms of content. Want to sell a product online?…

  • eCommerce Mistake

    The Top #1 eCommerce Mistake You Want to Avoid

    Are you one of those eCommerce store owners who are facing the issue of low sales and high cart abandonment? This article is going to be for you and might help you in fixing mistakes. I’ve seen a lot of people out there who are having an eCommerce store and are facing issues like more traffic but fewer conversions. Everyone is not an expert and can make mistakes. Maybe, You are also doing such similar mistakes. I can understand the efforts one makes for bringing users on their websites and then driving them to the shopping cart. After putting so many efforts, if the user is not converted into a…