• Bypass_Facebook_Verification_process

    How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process 2019?

    Hey Everyone, Recently I noticed on my Facebook profile that most of my friends are worried regarding their Facebook profile that has been locked by Facebook and needs some verification To get back their account. Today I am here to guide you with a quick tutorial on how to bypass facebook verification process. Do you know the history of facebook? You can check it out. Generally, For Verification Purpose, Facebook Asks For A Government Issued ID Card, This Is How You Could Bypass Facebook Verification Process Must Read : Keyloggers: A Great Threat To Your Privacy Method 1 [Confirm Working Updated 12 August 2019 ]   How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification…

  • Telegram Bot

    What Is Telegram Bot? The Complete Guide On Telegram Bot

    Since mid-2015, Telegram has bots in its application. These small programs are found on the servers and we can “call” them at any time to get hundreds of different functionalities to use with our chats in the application. These applications can be developed by anyone who has sufficient knowledge and is encouraged to do so. For this, Telegram has extensive documentation that explains how we can create this type of applications to be used in the instant messaging platform. A huge Telegram bots list are available in the market like HangBot, AllWallpaperBot, ImageBot and many more you can use these bots for your telegram   How to create your own…

  • png vs jpeg

    JPEG or PNG – Which Image Format Offers Better Quality?

    There are a lot of image formats available for different images like PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. You can save images in many formats available. But Wait, There’s a difference in different image formats. Each image file types has its own pros and cons. They were created for specific, yet different, purposes. What’s the difference, and when is each format appropriate to use? Basically, the most common image formats are JPEG and PNG and you must have used this image format most often. PNG vs JPEG – Which Image Format Is Better? JPEG is very web friendly because the file is smaller, which means it takes up less room and requires…

  • This Video Is Not Available In Your Coutry { fixed }

    This Video Is Not Available In Your Country [ Problem Fixed ]

    Surfing youtube? Got an error ” This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region”. Don’t worry we have solutions for this. Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming site owned and operated by Google Inc., Youtube was launched in 2006 and after getting popular it was overtaken by the most popular search engine “Google”. Youtube has a feature that allows channel owners to limit the audience of a video on the basis of Geographic Location. That’s why you are getting this error “This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Or Region” while streaming any video on youtube. But wait, You still can watch those videos. Wondering How ?? we have found a way…

  • DesignEvo review
    Reviews,  Tutorials

    DesignEvo Review- Create Stunning Logo’s In 5 Minutes

    Starting A Business? Or Building a Brand? The first thing you need is to have a Relevant and Catchy Logo for your brand. It is the logo by which people will recognize your brand. So having a great logo is required for a better branding. Now How To Build A Logo? There are a lot of options available for you. from making it yourself to hiring a graphic designer for your logo. Hiring a graphic designer can cost you a lot, and also if you want customization they will do it for you. So Creating your own logo is the best option. There are dozens of websites offering online Logo…

  • Secure your user data

    How to Secure Your Online User Data?

    Conniving the importance of online security can put the sensitive information of your users at risk. You should make sure that the integrity of your customers’ financial information, passwords, and other sensitive details is maintained, and no unauthorized sources can get access to it. Even if you have a small blog, Your audience data matters and should be protected, bloggers should not avoid this because this blogging mistake can turn you from hero to zero. Now the pressing issue is how to secure online user data with so many cyber-crimes taking place every day. Read through to get a complete idea on protecting your customer’s data by implementing some simple…

  • Host Bigrock Domain On Godaddy

    How To Host Bigrock Domain on Godaddy Hosting?

    Most Of The times the bloggers want to migrate From blogger to A top-level blogging platform That is WordPress and the topic starts here. Host Bigrock Domain On Godaddy Hosting. Most of the users buy a domain from Bigrock and hosting from GoDaddy.Due to their specific specifications and affordability. Now The Problem Arises To Host The Big Rock domain on Godaddy Hosting. The Users Are Able To Do also but The Matter Is That They Have To Change The DNS or Name Servers Of Bigrock So We Are Writing this article for those buddies follow the below steps   Looking for GoDaddy Renewal Coupons? Check it out How To Change…