Affiliate Marketing For Beginners:A Complete Guide

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Increase Visitors From Facebook: Get 1000+ Visitors To Your Blog

Increase Visitors From Facebook

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6 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Articles

tips for writing seo friendly articles

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How To Use Hosted Adsense Account On Custom Domain

Hosted Adsense account On Custom Domain

Hi, I Think This will Be my Largest Post On The site Till Now As I Today I am Going To Tell About How To Use Hosted Adsense Account On Custom domain And Hope My Article Will Be appreciated By All Of You

While Having A Look On Using Hosted Adsense On Custom Domain There Are Few Freelancers On seoclerks And Fiverr That will charge you $5 For Each Ad Code They Implement On Your site And I Am Offering Free Easy Tutorial To Know How They Works

Google Adsense Is A Advertising Platform owned By Google INC That Provides Webmasters To Earn Money through Placing Advertisements On Their Blog To Know More About Adsense You Can Go Here

Google Offers Two Type Of Adsense Account

  1. Hosted Account– These Are Those Accounts That Are Able To show Ads Only On Host Partner sites Like Blogger,Youtube,Hubpages ,Weebly etc
  2. Non-Hosted Account– These Are Those Accounts That Are Able To Display Ads On All Types Of sites Host A Well As Custom Domain Like .com .in etc

But The Problem Is That In Getting Non Hosted Adsense Account There Are A Lot Of Difficulties And Terms That Google had started And Hosted adsense account Are A Little Bit Easy To Get Approved But If You Are Using Or Leveled From A Host site To A Custom Domain then You Have To Again Get Approved To show Ads On Your Custom Domain.

so After A Lot Of Research And Hardwork we Had Developed A script That Will Help You To show Adsense Ads On Custom Domain All You Need Is A

  • Hosted Adsense Account
  • A Blog
  • A Custom Domain On which You Want To show Your Ads

You Must Probably Thinking That Is It A safe To Use

Then My Answer Is Ya It Is Fully safe And secure Way To Use

How To Use Hosted Adsense Account On Custom Domain?

  1. Login To Your Hosted adsense account By Going On To
  2. From There Go To My Ads In And And Click On New Ad Unit Use Hosted adsense account On Custom Domain
  3. Fill Up The Details And Remember That You Can Only Use [Ad size Of Horizontal Banner= 468×60 and square 250×250]Use Hosted Adsense account On Custom Domain
  4. Now Copy The Ad Code That You Will Get Now
  5. Now Log In To The blogger Blog And Create A Blog If You Dont Have Or If You Have Then Go To The Dashboard Of The Bloguse hosted adsense on Custom domain
  6. Then Go The The Posts section And Click On New Post And Paste The Ad Code In The HTML mode That You Copied In The step 4 And Publish The PostHow To Use Hosted Adsense account On Custom domain
  7. Wait For 5-15 Min To Make The Ads Display
  8. Then View The post  That You Had Published In step 6 And Copy The URL of The Post How To Use Hosted Adsense On Custom Domain
  9. Now Save The Code That are On The End Of The Post In A Notepad
  10. Open The code That You Had Saved In Notepad In Step 9 And Replace The With The Ad URL That You Had Copied In Step 8 And Save ItHosted Account on Custom domain
  11. Now After Following All The Above Steps Carefully You had prepared Your Ad Code For Your Custom domain
  12. Paste The Code That You Had saved In step 10 On Your Blogging Platform i.e Blogger Or WordPress In The HTML/text widget and You Will saw Your Ads Visible On Your Custom Domain

Now You Can Earn With A Hosted Adsense Account On A Custom Domain With A Little set up

You Can Follow The same steps For The Ad size 250×250 Or 300×600  

Hope You enjoyed The Article and This article Helped You Make Money Through Your Hosted Account And If You Are still Facing Problems Then You Can Contact Me

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