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Buy App Reviews for Ios – The Fundamentals

The most popular apps in today’s app market stand out due to a variety of factors. One would think that these apps are ahead of the rest, mainly due to quality, but this isn’t always the case. Often, it is a combination of apparent factors like quality and little things that go unnoticed.

Why do you need app reviews?

In this day and age, an app developer needs to make his app visible. The idea of expecting immediate wide-scale app downloads is grossly incorrect.

Aside from Google Playstore, Apple’s app store is the most popular app market in the world. It plays host to millions of apps coming in from all over the world.

People usually download apps based on app reviews that catch their attention. This is especially applicable to apps that require a lot of space.

This may be a tough pill to swallow, but the truth is that it is highly unlikely that an app will draw overnight worldwide attention without any marketing or strategy put into it before and after its launch. A vital factor that often goes under the radar is the importance of good app reviews and what constitutes them.

A good app review succinctly explains the functions, features, pros, and cons of an app. A key ingredient in your app success is the regular flow of good articles. These articles are bound to attract users, almost all of whom have very low attention spans, and convince them to give your app a shot.

How do you boost your app reviews?

Assuming you have your app ready, and have a general idea of the importance of good articles, take a look at the following:

Build a quality app

Most app developers tend to dismiss this because it seems like an obvious prerequisite. However, countless applications don’t get tested enough before their launch. As a result, they end up crashing for various reasons. No amount of updates and debugging can reverse the dismal first impression that they’ve created.

Today, all it takes is a couple of bad reviews to eventually cause the vast majority of users to avoid the app and look elsewhere.

Drum up a cool app name

Here’s another factor that can prove to be lethal if not taken seriously. An app name should give the user an idea of what the app does. An app name that is easy to spell and pronounce is bound to be easier to search for.

A smart app name makes for a good way for people to remember the app. A memorable app name is more likely to be checked out.

A short app name is highly recommended because it makes it more accessible. Higher accessibility translates to more users finding your app, which, in turn, means more good reviews.

Use the most effective keywords for your app

Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to visibility.

An app that may have low market penetration can compensate by being optimized to compete with its competitors. This can be done by adding the right custom keywords in the title and description.

The presence of the right keywords boosts the visibility of the apps.

Finding the right keywords may take some time and effort. However, doing this right can bring you dividends.

Buy app reviews for IOS

An interesting solution to the deficiency of app reviews is to buy app reviews for IOS. App developers do not seem to take this seriously, but buying app reviews for IOS can do them wonders.

These days, buying app reviews for IOS is quite common. There are a bunch of companies that provide app reviewing services with various features at flexible prices.

These services have been developed to provide app developers with five-star reviews with a specified number of custom keywords. A stellar example of such a service is

You can expect to see the results in a matter of days. This is what makes buying app reviews for IOS an excellent solution.

The number of keywords and five-star reviews and other features vary with each plan that they offer. You can also make a custom plan if you feel that works best.

If you want absolute control over the quality of every review, you can send content to the service. Keep in mind that this service is currently not available for paid applications.

Be sure to buy app reviews for IOS and choose a plan that meets your requirements.

Update your apps often

The apps that perform the best are ever-evolving. The developers are continually launching updates for their apps that include users’ feedback, adjustments to change in technology, and extra features.

Updating your app regularly tends to keep your app relevant in today’s volatile app market. Relevance is a big deal to the Playstore and App store, so much so that your app’s rankings will tend to go up. Higher and more consistent rankings will, in turn, bring more reviews.

Plan when you want to request user-feedback

Asking the user for feedback at the wrong time can do more harm than good for your app.

It is generally a good idea to push for the user’s review after a particular milestone is completed. An example is a payment or a fulfilled order.

App store product page presentation

How you present your app store product page will hugely affect the downloads you get from your page.


These are some effective ways to significantly raise the reviews and ratings for your app.

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