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Does Your Blog Actually Need Digital Marketing To Survive?

The blogosphere is looking a bit saturated nowadays. Admittedly, the competition for eyeballs is quite high when it comes to blogs. If you have a blog, you have to make every effort to stand out not only when it comes to content but also with digital marketing. Digital marketing is the new solution to your problems in getting your blog known.


What Is Digital Marketing?

 Digital marketing is any effort, strategy, or plan to connect with your audience in the best possible way online. The keyword here is “online.” Basically, digital marketing is marketing that’s targeted online. However, it’s not as simple as it seems because marketing online has a very different dynamic compared to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is composed of a wide array of tasks delving in different things. Examples of digital marketing include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, and affiliate marketing. Social media tasks such as updating Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages are also part of the job. Executing social media marketing plans and building links for your blog are also digital marketing strategies.  


Does Your Blog Need Digital Marketing to Survive?

 The answer is yes. Now that you know what digital marketing is, here are some reasons why you need digital marketing to survive in the blogosphere.


  1.     Traffic in your Blog

 Whether you’re starting out or already have a seasoned blog, you need digital marketing to get more traffic in your website. With a digital marketing strategy, you can come up with ways to increase the traffic on your blog. One way of doing this could be through influencer marketing and link building. The higher the traffic on your blog, the more chances of getting known and reaching the top of search engine results.


  1.     Lead Generation

 The next important thing that you need is lead generation. When your customers go to your blog, you’d want those views to turn into purchases. Digital marketing can help you with just that by increasing lead generation through content marketing or targeted email marketing. Companies like  Philadelphia digital marketing can help you generate more leads on your blog by optimizing your blog and social media accounts. By doing this, it will help you reach more potential customers.


  1.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Nowadays, when people need something, they search for it on Google instead of going to the mall or asking friends. Because of this shift in behavior, your blog needs to be present in the search results for more people to know about your blog (and your product, if you have one).

 One of the strategies in digital marketing is SEO. This strategy involves tactics on how to land on the top results in search engines. SEO helps you strategize which keywords to use to appear on the top search results and drive traffic to your site. In addition to that, there will also be tools you can use to boost your credibility and make it to the top results in search engines.


  1.     Data Analytics

 Through digital marketing, you’ll be able to use data analytics to analyze how many people are visiting your site and how you’re doing. Scroll depth is one example of data you can track via data analytics. Scroll depth is basically a measurement of how far your page visitors scroll through your page. This information can give you insight into what elements maintain (or lose) the attention of your reader. 

 Moreover, with the help of data analytics, you will be able to decide which of your marketing channels to utilize, based on how people engage with these channels. In addition to that, you’ll also see the statistics on which keywords users searched to get to your site, which you can further optimize. On top of that, you can track the performance of your content and base your decisions for future promotions from there.


In short, data analytics can help you make informed decisions. 


  1.     Cost

 Digital marketing is an affordable and yet effective way to market your blog. Compared to print or traditional advertising, digital marketing is way cheaper. Digital marketing includes social media ads, email marketing, and content marketing, which typically cost less compared to commercials and print ads.

 Despite the relatively lower price, digital marketing is very effective and better to use to evaluate the performance of your blog. Moreover, there are more people who can see your marketing efforts if it’s done digitally compared to traditional or print ads. Right now, people are more on their phones than reading traditional media, such as newspapers.


  1.     Customer Relations

 Digital marketing will also allow you to have a conversation and build a relationship with your audience. Unlike print ads where it’s a one-way conversation, digital marketing allows interactions with your customers.

 In turn, you can get comments from your customers and address their concerns at the onset. This will give them more security and comfort in the items your blog is selling. With digital marketing, you can also respond to trends and events that are happening in your customers’ lives real-time.



 Regardless of what kind of blog you have or operate, digital marketing will definitely benefit you. The number of people who surf the Internet will continue to increase, so the potential to gain more viewers and popularity for your blog will always be there. You must grab this opportunity by coming up with digital marketing strategies to build your audience.


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