5 Best Video File Formats for 2021

Most of us do not bother a lot about the video format which we are using. However, there are many video file formats available today, and each of them differs from one another when it comes to features and video quality. A video format is a file format for storing digital video data. These videos are usually larger in file size, and video file format compresses such video file size to make it ideal for playing on your mobile phones or PCs.


It has to be noted that a video is made up of a combination of container and codec. Both of them are considered important components in a video. A container comprises video tracks, audio tracks, visual images etc., making it a compression package. You can also term it a file extension that you might see within the file name given for a video. On the other hand, Codec ensures the video files are compressed without affecting the picture quality and sound quality. In this article, we will be learning more about the five best video file formats you should prefer in 2021.

  • MP4

MP4 remains the topmost video file format that users mostly prefer in 2021. The majority of the video players support this file format and has growing compatibility with most multimedia devices. Its current version is named MPEG-4. Some of its key advantages include a higher compression rate, enhanced support in multiple platforms, and versatile characteristics. Integration with 3D graphics, menus etc., is also possible with MP4. Read here if you want your mac convert mkv to mp4

  • MKV

One of the key highlights of MKV is its ability to incorporate video, audio and subtitles within a single file. MKV containers are designed in such a way that it extends support to all types of audio as well as video formats. It is one of the few video file formats designed to be easily adaptive and easier to use. MKV files are compact and are open and free. However, it also comes with a few drawbacks. It is not used commonly in all media players and devices. Furthermore, it runs on only the media players optimized and designed for .mkv files. 

  • MOV.QT

MOV is a video file format that has been designed, developed and released by Apple. It was released for supporting their QuickTime player. MOV files are further comprised of time codes, video and audio sub-titles etc. It also comes with enhanced compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers. Since the video is of higher quality, this file format will consume more space on your computer. MOV.QT makes use of tracking to store data concepts. Unlike other video file formats, MOV.QT can be edited with ease. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. By storing the data, users can easily edit the file by avoiding the need to rewrite it. 

  • FLV

FLV is a popular video file format by Adobe. It is also a preferred video file format for playing videos on YouTube. It is of smaller file size, making it easier for users to download. When it comes to embedded video on the internet, FLV was preferred the most for a significant period. However, now most of the streaming services are rapidly opting for HTML5. Key highlights of FLV video file format includes higher compression rates, ability to play seamlessly on mobile devices, compatibility with popular operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows. Users can easily convert most of the videos into flash format. 


WebM is a video file format that has been designed specifically for the web. The WebM is capable of defining video formats, audio formats and the entire file container structure. It comprises video streams that have been compressed with audio streams and VP8 or VP9 video codecs. It is also available for free on some popular websites such as YouTube and Twitter, etc. It uses a combination of several technologies such as HTML, HTTP and TCP and is exclusively directed towards addressing the requirements of serving the videos on the web. The container format is also designed simply. Furthermore, the video quality is higher than the competitors and can be easily played back on any device. Thanks to its low computational footprint. 


There are various other video file formats that we have not covered in this article. Some of them include 3GP, Realvideo, MXF, CinemaDNG and AVCHD etc. It is up to you to choose which video file format you like. However, you should ensure that the mobile device you are using is compatible with the video file format you are using to play the video files.

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