• blogging mistakes

    Top 10 Blogging Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Blogging Business

    Blogging is a pretty challenging task, even for a professional. As a starter, you may have a lot of ideas as to how to execute your writings and how you can monetize the site and so on. However, when you try it out practically, you see that the results are not always up to the mark. Even if you use a free online blog website builder and try to minimize the cost, you may still see that the profits are not as expected. This is because of the presence of some common yet significant mistakes. These mistakes can negatively impact the traffic and the growth of your blog, as well…

  • trade show marketing
    Digital Marketing

    Trade Show Marketing Or Digital Marketing: Which One Works Best?

    Every marketing strategy has its advantages and limitations. Some businesses use trade shows, while others use digital marketing to promote their products. In trade show marketing, firms use banner stands to display products. For example, some use the famous retractable banner stands, which are simple to make and require low maintenance costs.  But, in digital marketing, business owners use Facebook, YouTube, and media advertisements, among others to make their products known to people. However, trade show marketing is more beneficial than digital marketing.  Why Trade Show Marketing Is Better? Below are some of the reasons why. More control over purchasing decisions Trade shows are unparalleled marketing channels. They are excellent…

  • Business

    How to Use Web Scraping Software to Scale Up Your Business?

    Data is growing, and at a breakneck pace. The IDC study titled Data Age 2025 puts it that worldwide data generation will grow to a staggering 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. And with such data explosion, how can your business grab a chunk of the “big pie” and use it to gain a competitive advantage? The answer is simple — web scraping! What is Web Scraping?  Web scraping is the terminology for describing the different methods of data collection across the internet. You can initiate the process with a web scraping software that simulates human web surfing and collects bits of information from various websites. People who use web scraping…

  • eCommerce

    What are the Impacts of Visual Transformation in E-commerce?

    “The eyes are the gateway to the soul.” Or so we’ve heard. But what if the trick to becoming a bigshot in the E-commerce world, is to take this saying a bit more literally? It is a recognized fact that our brains are more adept at processing visual images, way faster than for textual information. When you see images and texts popping up from your social media feeds, which are you attracted to first? The images; definitely the images over small text. Several surveys attest to the fact that visual content is superb, intriguing and engaging for customers, more than other forms of content. Want to sell a product online?…

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    How To Start A Website With Bluehost | Beginner’s Guide

    Starting a website with Bluehost is no longer a tough task. Launch a website within minutes with Bluehost, I’m here to guide you on how to start a website with Bluehost with this step by step easy tutorial. Start a website with Bluehost within minutes. You don’t need to be a coder or a programmer to build your first website, Anybody with a basic knowledge of the internet can start a profitable website within minutes. You must be wondering how one can do so? So Bluehost offers such an easy interface & website builders to create and build websites quickly. I always recommend Bluehost web hosting to everyone, you can…

  • high da social bookmarking sites list

    450+ Free High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List

    Social bookmarking sites are always the best way to promote your content or brand on the internet. Within the span of a few days, you will get huge exposure and reach on the web with these free social bookmarking sites. In this article, we have shared the best high pr free social bookmarking sites list which will help you to create quality backlinks and drive huge traffic to your website quickly. These high pr free social bookmarking sites will help you engage more audience, building a good domain authority, getting top positions in indexing and a lot more. Bloggers know the value of Search engine optimization and if you are into…

  • Wordpress

    Form Abandonment: How To Save Lost Leads In 4 Simple Steps?

    Getting a lot of traffic on your website? but still not getting any leads? I mean people are visiting your business website but not checking out or filling up the forms you have on your website. This is what we call Form Abandonment. Form abandonment is a really big issue and studies say that the average form abandonment rate is somewhat around 60%. Most of the marketers and webmasters don’t even know about it. They have no idea how much business they are loosing just because of form abandonment. Everyone wants more leads. Don’t you? In this article, I’ll be talking about reducing form abandonment rate on your website. I’ve…

  • URL redirects

    Setting Up URL Redirections On Your Website

    Every webmaster or blogger have once set up a custom redirection on their website. If not, You’re maybe new to website and stuff. URL redirection, also known as forwarding. If you don’t know about URL redirection, You should know about it. What Is URL Redirection? It’s a web technique which can make a web page available on multiple URL. It means different URL can point to a single web page too. It’s just like Call forwarding feature in your phone. Many times, You remove content from your website that is indexed in search engine results. In that case, when the search engine crawler crawls your website the next time It…